Corporate Code of Conduct

We believe it is our social responsibility to run our business based on the standard of compliance and self-responsibility. To share our values and code of conduct, which are integral to our company's business and our decision-making process, we have established the following guidelines.

The P ARK Group Corporate Code of Conduct

Activities for Our Customers

We provide services that give our customers pleasure and excitement, and aim to be a "company that creates pleasure and excitement" through a partnership of trust.

Activities for Our Shareholders

We are aiming for high-quality growth, and disclose our corporate information in a fair and timely manner in order to stay committed to our corporate management, which allows us to gain the understanding and support of our shareholders.

Activities for Our Business Partners

We will strive to engage in trustworthy, respectable corporate activities and aim for mutual prosperity through fairness, transparency, and independence.

Activities for Our Employees

We respect the characteristics and individuality of every single employee, and strive to achieve a corporate culture that allows employees to take pleasure and pride in their work and to have affluent lives.

Activities for Society

We comply with laws, regulations, and social norms, and fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen by helping to develop local communities and improve life and culture.

Activities for Our Planet

We consider it our corporate social responsibility to strike a balance between economic development and the global environment and to carry out environmentally friendly corporate management.