About us

Our business is to make everyday living more fun.

At P ARK, we position the pachinko business as an "entertainment business that offers customers an enjoyable time," and have been creating different kinds of games to offer as products. We have been advancing business reform under the slogan "What is usual for the industry is not usual for customers," thereby creating something totally new; that is, taking the first step in a field no one has entered before.

Our management plan has evolved from our 1998 vision, "Providing Leisure," to our 2008 vision, "Providing Pleasure and Excitement." Under our new long-term management plan for the next 10 years, we have upgraded our strategy into an innovative companywide strategy for 2020, according to which each P ARK employee will help determine what we want to and should become. In other words, we formulated our "BRAND VISION 2020 (20Vision)" in FY2009, and redefined our mission as offering customers new ways of "playing" using the synergy of the P ARK Group to make everyday living more fun, under our new management principle of "creating the value that customers expect and becoming an institution that society can depend on. "

Our credo, which supports our 20Vision, is "Fun for Life - P ARK makes everyday living more fun."It consists of three different kinds of Fun (action guidelines)

There are various models for business growth. At P ARK, we create "next-generation ways of playing" our products in competitions for the sake of our customers, and to help the pachinko business evolve in order to expand the field for companies to grow. I hear that whenever the survival of a species is threatened in the final phases of its maturation, mutants will appear, which allow it to survive into the next era. At P ARK, we would like to remain the mutant that creates new ways of playing for the next era. We will keep evolving by continually pursuing and creating simple, familiar, daily entertainment, aiming to create a "fun industry" that makes everyday living more fun through the "evolutionary theory of play" outside the framework of the leisure industry.

Masahide Shoji. President and Representative Director. P ARK HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

Mr. Shoji graduated from the School of Business at Aoyama Gakuin University.
After working for Sanwa Bank (currently MUFD Bank,Ltd.), in 1984 he established Tatsumi Shoji Co., Ltd. (currently P ARK Holdings Co., Ltd.), and became President and Representative Director of the company.
He was president of Nichiyukyo (Nihon Yugi Kanren Jigyo Kyokai: the pachinko industry association), and now serves this organization as executive advisor.
He is also the vice president of the Japan New Business Conference Associations.