Privacy Policy

Collection of personal information and purposes of use

We collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner. We use the personal information you provide to send you parlor information via direct mail or e-mail, to engage in appropriate management as a company participating in the system for the third-party guarantee and management of deposited balls, to respond to your inquiries, to undertake marketing activities to develop new services, and other purposes.

Supervision of the parties to which personal information is entrusted and the provision of personal information to third parties

Whenever we entrust all or part of the personal information we collect from individuals to a contractor to fulfill any one of the abovementioned purposes of use, we conclude agreements, including a non-disclosure agreement, with the contractor, and appropriately supervise it to ensure the secure management of such information. We do not provide personal information to third parties unless required by laws or regulations.

Management of personal information

We keep the personal information we collect from individuals secure and updated for the purposes of its use. We also train our staff members to handle personal information appropriately and strive to manage such information properly by undertaking appropriate internal audits and by other means.

Disclosure, correction, addition, or suspension of use of personal information

We respond to individual#&39;s requests to disclose, correct, add to, or suspend the use of their personal information without delay and within a reasonable scope. We respond to the abovementioned requests only when we can confirm the identity of the requestor. (*Disclosure of this information is made at a parlor. A fee is required for this disclosure.)

Revision of our Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy in response to revisions to laws or regulations. Please review the latest Privacy Policy on this page when using the Website.

Contact for inquiries

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